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Need some quick information about The Goblet?  This is the place to find it!

Some quick questions and answers for you before you make your purchase, or just some basic information for your curious mind.  :)

1. Is all of your jewelry really handcrafted?

Yes it is.  I personally create every piece that you see on this website.

2.  What materials do you use?

I only use Sterling Silver as my metal of choice for chains, wire, ear wires, clasps and anything else metallic that you see on each piece.  As for beading, I specify whether the piece shown has real gemstones, Sworovski or Czech crystals, or glass lampworked beads.  I also use a variety of freshwater pearls in my work as well.

3.  What does the term "lampworked" mean?

A bead that has been "lampworked" means that the artisan (not myself) created each bead by hand using a table top torch method known as "lampworking."  Because each of these beads has been handcrafted, no two are exactly alike--However I do try to match them as well as I can when using multiples in my pieces.

4.  How do you base your prices?

I base my final prices on the materials used and how much time it took to create the piece.  I also have taken the time to search out other sites and catalogs to get a general idea of what comparable pieces are sold for.  I do like to think that my prices are more than fair--many catalogs sell similar pieces for way more than I sell mine.

5.  Do you create multiples of your items?

I try not to.  I like to make one-of-a-kind pieces as much as possible.  If I do come up with a style that I like, I may make a few that are similar meaning, I may just switch the gemstones or pearls that are used.

If you ARE looking for multiples to be made of a certain piece, please don't hesitate to email me ( to discuss availability of materials, prices and shipping costs.

6.  Why would I want multiple items of the same style?

Are you getting married?  Is your daughter having a birthday party? 

My jewelry has been used for bridesmaid's gifts and much more.

7.  Can you please explain your shipping policy to me?

Surely!  I combine my shipping to make it more affordable to buy more than one jewelry item from my site.

For the first one (1) to  three (3) items, the cost is only $3.00.

For each additional item, please add an additional $0.25.

This policy applies to JEWELRY ITEMS ONLY and includes jewerly bought here on The Goblet and also my ArtByUs & eBay auctions.

Gift shop items are handled through CafePress and they have their own shipping policies on their site.

8.  Does your shipping policy also apply to your eBay listings?

Yes it does!

You should also note that if you purchase jewelry from here at The Goblet as well as from my jewelry listings on eBay (when I list that is), the shipping charges are still combined together as if you purchased them all from the site alone.

9.  What forms of payment do you take?

I prefer to take major credit cards and e-checks through PayPal.   If you are not a PayPal member, don't fret.  Membership is free.

If you would rather not pay using this online payment system, I can take money orders and checks...however you should note that I will not ship your order until they clear.

If you are planning on paying with a check or money order, please email me with questions and details on where to mail them.

10.  What is the deal with your gift shops?

Well, sometimes you are looking for a gift other than jewelry and I wanted to provide some alternatives.  By creating my own graphics, I've picked out the items for you to choose from and have created shops with many different themes for you to see.

CafePress handles everything for me, (yea!) and is very simple to use.

11.  I still have more questions, can I please email you?

Why of course!  If you still have some questions or want to talk about an order, please feel free to email me at anytime: To help me know that it is in fact a legit email, please put "The Goblet" in the subject line.  Thanks. :)

12.  Why do you link to certain causes on your website?

I put the links on my site to those causes because I felt that they needed to be recognized.  I've chosen these particular charities for various personal reasons and felt that placing their links on my site was just another way for them to get the attention that they deserve.

13.  Every now and then I see what looks to be an ad on your website...why?

These ads are sites that I am affiliated with and when you click on them (and maybe order a little something from them) I get a percentage of the sale.  I do this for two reasons; 1) to give you even more options for shopping and 2) to help offset the costs of keeping this website up.

14.  I've heard enough and want to go shopping now.   Can I?

What?  You are tired of my rambling already?  Well, ok.  lol

Go forth, have your coffee handy and shop your heart out!

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